Choose one of the conventions below that you are interested in attending, for more details.

Conventions are a great way to meet like minded people. Personally, I have found them to be like “extended” family reunions. Everyone is happy to see you, then sad to see you go.

They usually consist of “prize” sessions, raffles, super raffles, and speakers.

  • Prize Sessions. During the prize sessions, you have the opportunity to win a prize simply for being part of the convention. Prizes range from everything from books and CDs, to the “larger” prizes like laptop computers, kindles, and other electronics.
  • Raffles & Super Raffles. These are “bonus” prize sessions. You have a chance to win a specific type of prize. Usually it consists of envelopes & stamps (for participating in/entering more sweepstakes), lottery tickets (you purchase lottery tickets, and that “is” your ticket to winning 10-100x the lottery tickets), 50-50 raffle draws, and so forth).
  • Banquet Lunch/Dinner. This tend to be semi formal dinners, and/or costume parties. Usually the meals provided are quite good ($20-$25/plate). If it is also a costume party/banquet, then you have a chance to win a ‘bonus’ prize depending on what the theme of the convention is. Each convention usually has its own “special” theme.
  • Speaking Sessions. Usually the speaking sessions consist of speakers who win big, consistently (key word being consistent), or people who can teach you how to use various software applications, services, tools, and so forth to increase your chances of winning. They tend to also be entertaining, as the speakers relate personal stories. Sometimes sponsors may also provide ‘bonus’ prizes during these sessions.