A. This question has been debated over and over in various sweepstakes forms, but the short answer is that in most cases, yes.

The purpose of a company running a promotion is to get marketing exposure, brand recognition, word-of-mouth advertising, and so forth. If you visit their website, if you know the company sponsoring the sweepstakes, and if you know what you’re trying to win — then generally speaking the companies don’t mind if you use form filling software.

You have to remember that behind each sweepstakes, is a real person managing the promotion. If they see that people are indeed engaging with their brand, then they are usually quite happy.

You also need to remember that each sweepstakes is different. While most don’t mind, some might. It is always important to read the rules. That being said, I have personally read numerous winning stories (literally hundreds of them) in which someone won a prize, and admitted to using a form filler to help speed up the process.