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How to Win Big at Game Shows such as the Price is Right

When I was at the Boston convention, I had a really fascinating discussion with a woman, who not only had been selected to be a participant on the Price is right, but actually won a brand-new car!

At first, I thought it was just pure chance. I mean, you see the TV show — and it looks like people are randomly called down from the studio audience to participate — and then maybe people win, or maybe people don’t. Like heck, when you’re watching the TV show – it looks like half the time the participants are looking at the audience to get their feedback to figure out what they should do.

So with this woman, I didn’t think it was anything different. I thought, maybe she just got lucky, and won big. But, she was kind enough to share with me a story how she tipped the odds in her favor of giving her the best chances possible of winning. And you can do the same, to help your chances of winning too!

First of all, she knew she would be going to Los Angeles. If I remember correctly, the Price is Right is one game shows she always wanted to be on. So, she made plans to go be part of the studio audience every single day. She really wanted to make sure she could get on the show, so — she made sure she would go there for seven days in a row, until did she did.

One thing that was really interesting, that I don’t know, was that every day, before the show starts, the director interviews everyone with a few simple questions. It’s just two simple questions, first, what is your name, and […]

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8 Fantastic Strategies to Help YOU Win Photo Contests

There are countless photography contests on the Internet that you can participate in, as well as many contests that you can find locally in your community. Not only do you have super high chances of winning a photography contest — simply because not that many people take the time to enter — but following these tips and strategies can help ensure you have the best chances of winning, and winning 1st place prizes.

Putting all these strategies together, will help give you the winning edge.

1. Prevent Disqualifications!

Amazingly, sometimes hundreds of photos are automatically disqualified because people don’t do the following. That is, read and follow these specific rules. There are a few common rules you’ll see – which tend to be the photo must showcase the sponsors products, it cannot contain logos from other companies in the picture, it must be a picture of you, and sometimes pictures of other people will require a simple signature stating they give you permission to use it. If you make sure you pay attention to this in the rules, you are in many cases already ahead of hundreds of other people that didn’t. Also, many times the photograph is judged (as opposed to being picked randomly) – so look at the criteria that they specify, to make sure you have the maximum chances of winning.

2. Tell a story

Over thousands of years, generation after generation has passed on information through storytelling. For example, through ancient cave drawings, hieroglyphics, dancing, and so forth. One of the best types of pictures is one that tells the story, it evokes emotion, or conveys an idea. You can easily make a picture tell a story after you’ve taken the picture, by cropping it, […]

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Where to get free stuff online

One thing that’s really cool, is nowadays you can actually get a lot of free stuff online. You might have to do a little bit of work to get it, but can still get it for free. It’s a great way to stretch your budget, and try out new products and services.

Sample Source

One of my favorites, is something called sample source. (http://www.samplesource.com/). I’ve actually gotten items from them a few times, and they will send things like coffee, cereal, chocolate bars, toothpaste, and so forth. Sure, they may be small items — but it’s a lot of fun just open your mail and find out you got a goodie box. Of course, the companies that sponsor these items are hoping he might like the product enough to go out and buy it — but in the meantime, it’s still pretty fun. Almost like winning a prize in the mail! (Some Sweepstakes Ninja users have mentioned the fact that they love seeing the FedEx man, because they know they just won something!)

Klout, Influenster, etc, etc.

One thing that’s gotten really popular in recent years, is getting free products simply by talking about them. I’d say the pioneer in this field was a company called Klout, which started about 10 years ago, whereby you would be able to get random freebies based on how many Facebook friends, twitter friends, and so forth that he had — and how much they paid attention to your content. In the last few years, there have been a lot of copycats, or very similar websites.

One of the newer websites, a variation on that model, is something called Influenster (http://www.influenster.com/). If you own a blog, have a YouTube video channel, operate a […]

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Win More with Vision Boards

Good morning!

Today I am going to talk about how vision boards can be a very effective way to channel your energies into winning big for 2016! A vision board in simplest terms, is a bunch of pictures of things that you want to experience or obtain, and helps you focus on obtaining those. You could call it writing down your goals, but with pictures. And amazingly, they do work for a lot of people.

The first time I heard of a vision board, I actually thought it was a little bit silly. I thought to myself, how can a bunch of pictures from random magazines help me to achieve what I want. But then I realized, there’s a few things that you have to do in order to make it more effective. A lot of people have read the book called “The Secret”, or variations of it — think is really good stuff, but then don’t apply any of it. It’s kind of like going to university, studying for four years, getting a degree — but then never actually applying for job afterwards, or even writing down the fact that you went to university on your resume. Doesn’t matter how smart you were at university, if you don’t use it, and apply it, you don’t benefit from it.

So first, let’s talk about why vision boards can help you achieve what you want, and then how to do it.

Why can vision boards work?

Quite simply, they help you focus your mind on a specific goal. True story, long time ago when I was in high school, I really wanted to go to on a vacation to very specific country. Thing is, I had no money, and I […]

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2016-07 National Sweepstakes Convention (Las Vegas))

This is the national sweepstakes convention. This year, it will be held in Las Vegas! You usually get a lot of ‘big’ winners going to these, that are willing to share secret tips and strategies on how to win big, if you ask the right questions!

There are people who have won 10 cars, several $10,000 prizes, 10 big screen t.v.s, 100’s of vacations, and more! While winning is a matter of ‘luck’ – obviously these people have figured out a system to give them a better chance of winning more, more consistently, and you can learn too! Plus – it’s a lot of fun. Apparently as of December 18th, they are ‘sold out’ – BUT – you can be added to a waiting list. Also – based on previous experience – if there is enough demand, they might be able to figure out how to get a bigger room for the convention. (Right now its max 700 attendees). Details below:


July 28 – July 31 2016

Tuscany Suites & Casino
255 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109

$215 registration before March 1st, $245 afterwards. $65/night hotel Sunday – Thursday, $125/night Friday & Saturday

Includes Banquet Dinner

Full Details/Registration:


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2016-04 – Michigan Spring Meeting

This convention is run by Al Sayward, famous for his love of Candy!


Downloadable Flyer:
FLYER – 2016 Michigan Spring Meeting

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 (Optional Early Check-in/Pizza Party April 8th)

Gazebo 31104 Mound Road, Warren, Michigan
Hotel: Baymont Inn & Suites

$65 registration, $79/night hotel

Includes Banquet Lunch

Full Details/Registration:
Send an e-mail to: “mispringmeeting@gmail.com”,
or call 1-586-791-7819


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What to Do For After You Win

You’ve been hard at work, diligently entering contests for weeks, maybe months now. Suddenly you get an e-mail or a phone call and it’s real. YOU WON!

But what do you do now?

For bigger wins, you are going to be expected to fill out paperwork. Likely you’ll be filling out an affidavit. Maybe you’ve heard the word thrown around but you aren’t sure what it is. It’s basically the paperwork that gives them all of your information, from legal name to address to sometimes even a social security number.

IF they ask for a SSN, that does not automatically mean it is a scam. A sweepstakes company might need your SSN if the prize is worth over $600 as by U.S. law they need to report your winnings to the IRS. So keep that in mind before your red flag goes up!

You may or may not have to get your affidavit notarized. In most cases, you will. That means visiting a notary and getting it stamped to verify all of your information is correct.

As soon as everything is filled out accordingly, you need to return that affidavit. The sooner, the better so they know it reached you and you’re ready to claim your prize.

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Sweepstakes Clubs Around The U.S.

Interested in meeting fellow sweepers, but don’t have the money or travel time to head out to a convention? There are plenty of sweepstakes clubs around the U.S. that you can attend. They usually meet once a month at a local restaurant or bar.

Here are some clubs you can consider reaching out to, with all of their contact information, organized by areas of the country!

A Real Bunch of Winners
Upstate NY, Albany NY & area |Contact Joy

The Big Apple Sweepstakers
Upstate New York City NY & surrounding metropolitan areas | Contact Steve

Garden Spot Sweepers
Litiz PA | Contact Cindy
Pittsburgh Sweepstakes Club
Western PA, Eastern OH & Northern WV | Contact Sandy or Ruth
The Lucky Lilacs
Rochester NY | Contact Terry
The Metro Sweepers
Washington DC & MD & VA metropolitan areas | Contact Dana
The Northern New Englanders Sweepstakes Club
Somersworth NH and area (ME & MA) | Contact Karla or Pat
Chesapeake Crabs Sweepstakers
Baltimore, Frederick, MD & surrounding areas | Contact Brenda
South Jersey Sweepers
Mays Landing NJ | Contact Marge

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Online Sweepstakes Web Site Resources

If you get online and search for the words “sweepstakes list,” it is guaranteed you’ll find a ton of websites that have plenty of sites and resources listed. But the ones to trust most are the ones who have been around the longest. The following sites have been around for a good long while and will presumably keep trucking along!

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2014’s Biggest Sweepstakes Conventions

Convinced that you want to go to a sweepstakes convention? That’s exciting! There are plenty going in this year and since it’s just the start of 2014, there’s plenty of time to plan! Here’s some insight into each and what to expect!

The Michigan Spring Meeting takes place in April and is run every year by Al Sayward. This year it’ll be located at Gazebo 31104 Mound Rd, Warren MI. Rooms can be booked at Baymont Inn & Suites. $55 to register and only $79 a night for the hotel and registration includes a banquet lunch. They usually have a theme every year. Last year’s was “It’s a Jungle Out There!” which made for some very fun costumes and stuffed animals.   There are often charity donation drawings, scratch ticket drawings, and a huge prize raffle at the end.

To register, either email “michigansweepers2002@yahoo.com”, or call 1-586-791-7819.

Right after the Michigan meeting is the Maryland Spring Banquet. It’ll be held at the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg, which makes booking a room and being close to the action easy.

The schedule is still being fully fleshed out, but you can be sure of a meet and greet to kick things off so you can meet new friends or maybe already made online ones. Some of the vendors confirmed for the event are:

Darlene Whyte
Karen Weix
Sweepstakes Tracker
This N’ That Sweepstakes Club & Ann-tics by Carol Sweepstakes Supplies
Velma Greene

Fees depend on what night you are registering for as well as if you are booking a room, but registration can be done easily online here: http://www.mdspringbanquet.com/registration

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