When I was at the Boston convention, I had a really fascinating discussion with a woman, who not only had been selected to be a participant on the Price is right, but actually won a brand-new car!

At first, I thought it was just pure chance. I mean, you see the TV show — and it looks like people are randomly called down from the studio audience to participate — and then maybe people win, or maybe people don’t. Like heck, when you’re watching the TV show – it looks like half the time the participants are looking at the audience to get their feedback to figure out what they should do.

So with this woman, I didn’t think it was anything different. I thought, maybe she just got lucky, and won big. But, she was kind enough to share with me a story how she tipped the odds in her favor of giving her the best chances possible of winning. And you can do the same, to help your chances of winning too!

First of all, she knew she would be going to Los Angeles. If I remember correctly, the Price is Right is one game shows she always wanted to be on. So, she made plans to go be part of the studio audience every single day. She really wanted to make sure she could get on the show, so — she made sure she would go there for seven days in a row, until did she did.

One thing that was really interesting, that I don’t know, was that every day, before the show starts, the director interviews everyone with a few simple questions. It’s just two simple questions, first, what is your name, and where are you from? Everybody answers, and then the director goes on to the next person, and that’s exactly the same question. For the first couple days, this woman was standing in line, waiting for her turn, hoping to be selected as a contestant on the Price is Right. And, every single day, she was not chosen. She started getting a little bit frustrated, because she knew she would only be coming here for seven days — and she really, really wanted to be a contestant! She phoned her daughter back in New York, explaining her frustrations, and it was her daughter who said “Hey Mom! You are smart lady, when you put your mind to it, you can do it! Just have confidence, and figure out why other people are being selected, and then do the same!”

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