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Today I am going to talk about how vision boards can be a very effective way to channel your energies into winning big for 2016! A vision board in simplest terms, is a bunch of pictures of things that you want to experience or obtain, and helps you focus on obtaining those. You could call it writing down your goals, but with pictures. And amazingly, they do work for a lot of people.

The first time I heard of a vision board, I actually thought it was a little bit silly. I thought to myself, how can a bunch of pictures from random magazines help me to achieve what I want. But then I realized, there’s a few things that you have to do in order to make it more effective. A lot of people have read the book called “The Secret”, or variations of it — think is really good stuff, but then don’t apply any of it. It’s kind of like going to university, studying for four years, getting a degree — but then never actually applying for job afterwards, or even writing down the fact that you went to university on your resume. Doesn’t matter how smart you were at university, if you don’t use it, and apply it, you don’t benefit from it.

So first, let’s talk about why vision boards can help you achieve what you want, and then how to do it.

Why can vision boards work?

Quite simply, they help you focus your mind on a specific goal. True story, long time ago when I was in high school, I really wanted to go to on a vacation to very specific country. Thing is, I had no money, and I figured the trip was going to cost me $3000. To me, that might as well have been $30,000, just because it seemed very unattainable. I had no clue how to accomplish that. But, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and set a specific deadline by when I wanted to accomplish that. It seemed kind of hokey to me, but I did it. A while later, as it so happened there was an essay writing competition to go to that destination. I researched and researched to make sure I could write the best possible essay I could, and to my amazement I won. I was one of a select few of a national competition that I think over 10,000 people had entered. And I ended up getting to go on that trip, and I didn’t have to spend a cent (airfare was paid for as well) other than paying for incidentals.

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