bigprizeYou probably read the title of this blog post and are thinking, what do they mean by “extra” prizes? Well, there a couple of ways that you may get free stuff beyond the typical sweepstakes and contests entries. We have some of those ideas for you here!

Getting Companies To Give You Extra Prizes

Is this really possible? Well, yes. The whole way to get these sweepstakes companies to give you extra prizes is to make them like you. Doing that is actually very simple.

First, always treat them with respect, even if your prize is late. As long as you are kind and understanding of them, they’ll take away a positive experience with you in sharp contrast to surely the many people who give them a hard time when they don’t get prizes immediately.

Second, follow up with a thank you note to the company after receiving your prize. ┬áThere’s a few reasons why this is a great idea:

  • It’s good manners.
  • It convinces them to run sweepstakes in the future. If they have not only many entries but positive feedback, you’ll find more to enter.
  • It can garner you a free bonus prize. They often have bonus prizes, for a variety of reasons, and it might be easier to send one out to you since they have all of your information already.

Is this a given? No. But it is always worth the try!

Lastly, be grateful no matter what your prize is. Sweepstakes are run by companies to help promote their brands and their products, so they want good publicity. Which in turn means a winner who is going to be truly grateful and happy with their prize. They won’t want to do further business with someone who snubs or complains about a prize, so don’t put yourself in that position!

Getting Prizes By Talking About Companies

This seems too simple to be true but it is and I’ve done it myself.

Talking about companies and promoting them to your friends and family is one way of sharing the love and companies can see this especially if you take advantage of social media. Love a product you just got from them? Tweet about it. Make sure you mention them in your tweet so their account sees it and make sure people are talking about it. You’d be surprised how many companies will respond back. And often, they respond back with offers.

Take for example the time I tweeted at a food company. It was for a brand of cookies I really love. So what did they do? Besides retweeting my tweet, they asked for my address and sent me coupons for free bags of their cookies. Just ┬ábecause they were happy I shared something positive over Twitter! It wasn’t something I was expecting but a pleasant surprise at my doorstep.

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