beachesI love sweepstakes and if you’re reading this right now, I’m sure you do too. It’s a fun hobby and even more amazing when you actually win that beach vacation! Unfortunately, there are people out there who ruin the fun and take advantage of those entering sweepstakes. It’s important that you know how to spot them and how to avoid entering them for your safety.

It can be anything from people gathering your information for installing spyware into your computer to as far as trying to get you to pay money for entries to a fake contest.

So what should you be looking for?

Non-Stop Surveys

If you land on a site that asks you to fill out a survey to enter a contest and after completion, you’re entered, that’s OK. But if you end up on a site where you are bombarded by one survey after another and can’t seem to get out of the loop of survey pages, these sites are not legitimate. All the information you are filling out can be sold to third parties or are in attempts to get you to make an immediate purchase.

You should not have to do so to enter a contest! As soon as you start to see that it’s taking you from one to another survey, just close your browser.

Strange Domain Names

If you are searching for sweepstakes and come across a domain name that kind of makes you feel uneasy, listen to your gut! Most legitimate sweepstakes will be hosted on a .com or on a companies website. You might find sweepstakes also on personal blogs, as blogs have  become a new way for companies to giveaway prizes and advertise. Those are fine as well.

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