raffleWhile entering sweepstakes is a past time of a lot of fun and community, hosting one can really let you see the other side of how sweepstakes work! Whether it is hosting on a blog, through Facebook, or another software or online means, there’s something fun and really satisfying about hosting your own successful sweepstakes.

I have done it myself on a fashion blog I run and there’s a lot of benefits to hosting one, especially if in tandem with a blog or company you run. Some really great pros are:

  • Promoting Yourself: Using a sweepstakes to promote a blog or site is great. It gets more traffic to your site and allows you to even turn entries into more engagement. You can have people comment on a blog as an entry, or like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter feed, etc.
  • Relationships with Brands: If a brand really loves what you’re doing, or if you think that you are a perfect place for them to run a promotion, they’ll want to offer you items to giveaway. You can build great relationships with brands and companies this way.
  • Connecting With an Audience: You’ll be able to connect better with your audience, whoever that may be! And that can be a very rewarding experience.

Now that you have the reasons why it’s a great idea to host a sweepstakes, here’s some tips on how to make it the best each and every time.

Choose prizes people are going to want to win. If it’s something people can’t see themselves using, or a prize that isn’t luxurious or even just tempting enough, no one will want to enter.
Make sure you draft well written rules and regulations. There are plenty of templates out there but having a lawyer look them over never hurts.
Make sure you are adequately promoting your sweepstakes! Those who enter don’t always want to because it lessens their chances. Make sure to add it yourself to sites like Online-Sweepstakes.com, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, etc.
Be transparent about your winner and fair about how you pick it. Random.org is a popular site to use to make sure people get fairly picked.

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