lgtvSweepstakes are simple in idea but sometimes we have questions about certain aspects of sweeping bring up questions. Here are the most common that may answer some things you’ve been thinking about!

Why Am I Not Winning Anything?

First, you need to remember that it usually takes 60-90 days from your first entry to be selected a winner.

Most sweepstakes, especially larger ones, run for at least 30 days.  Some even run for 60-90 days.  After that, it can take even another 30 days or so to get the right affidavits and paper work to sign. Only then will you be sent your prize. So the whole process can take weeks to months. It might not always take that long, but it could, and that’s important to remember.

Secondly, you have to remember that you may not win anything at first. There is no guarantee you will win. Entering sweepstakes is a numbers game; the more you enter, the more likely you are to win something but it is never guaranteed. So what to do during a lull? Keep entering. Let the lack of prizes be a motivation to get some actually coming your way!

I Won, But I Haven’t Received My Prize Yet. Why Not?

Don’t worry when you don’t need to. Just because you haven’t received a prize does not mean the sweepstakes was faked or you’ve been duped. There are a lot of reasons why you haven’t received it yet, from an issue with technology to a miss-communication, to possibly just a delay of some kind.

  • Trying Send from a Different E-mail Address: Everyone has spam filters set up and some can be a little too harsh against e-mail addresses. If you’ve sent a sponsor an email with information, a filled affidavit, etc and haven’t heard back, try resending with a different email. Also include in your email a request for response of receipt.
  • It Might Be At Customs: If you’ve got a prize coming from an out of country sweepstakes, especially ones that run in both the U.S. and Canada, your prize could be stuck at customs. That could put back a prize getting mailed to you by days or even weeks. It is also possible you might have to pay a customs duty to receive it. It is smart to contact the company who arranged the giveaway to find out.
  • Patience is Key: While you might have won a week ago, it may take a company three or even four weeks to send out a prize. This can be the case especially if they maybe multiple sweepstakes they run and are taking care of everything one at a time. Patience is important. I’ve had prizes show up when I’ve totally forgotten about them! It makes for a nice surprise while your busy entering otherwise.


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