Dec 11th Contest… Potential winners are
Mindi and Connie S…!

Congratulations to both! Winning notifications will be sent out shortly…

One will be winning a copy of Sweepstakes
, a book designed to give you the inside scoop on the world of
sweepstakes, and how you can become a major winner!

The other will be winning a one month license to Sweepstakes
, which helps them enter hundreds of sweepstakes from their own
computer literally in minutes, not hours! We’ve had thousands of wins from
people using Sweepstakes Ninja!

So congratulations to both!

Good morning {!firstname_fix}!A few different items this morning. Previous contest details & new
winners, my “voting” sweepstakes experience and how that can help
you, a “vote exchange” to help you win more, plus much more!

1. New Winners!

First off, have some new winners to announce. Congratulations
to Rich, who”s “dry spell” is now over! (Meaning it’s been at
least a few weeks since he won! :)) He just posted in the Sweepstakes Ninja
forums that using Sweepstakes Ninja, he won a $2,000 vacation on an island
just off of the Dominican Republic! Congratulations! In the same week, he also
won a bunch of other smaller prizes, including a book, CD, & software
video game for the PS3! Congratulations!

We’ve also had a number of other recent winners, including $200 gift cards,
clothing, cosmetics, Drum Magazine wins, plus much more! See the forums for

2. Vote Exchange “Experience”

I want to say thank-you to everyone who voted for me in the “KalTire”
Sweepstakes. While I don’t believe a winner has not yet been
selected/finalized (because I believe they need to get affidavits), I received
I believe roughly 70-80 votes. The “first” place runner was at about
140 votes when I had last checked. So, unless I get ‘really’ lucky (could
happen, I suppose!) — whereby the first/second place winners don’t send in
affidavits in time, then I may be selected as the potential winner.

However, it was an educational experience.
(a) I was reminded of just how competitive “voting” sweepstakes are.
(b) It doesn’t even have to be a “big” contest per se – you’ll still
get a lot of competition

Also, while I already “knew” this – this was a reminder. People who
win these usually:
(a) Have a HUGE facebook following of “good” friends that will vote
for them
(b) Go to tons of websites forums looking for “extra” votes (search
google for “vote” exchange and you’ll find those forums).
(c) Participate in facebook/sweepstakes groups for vote exchanges

So voting contests are extremely competitive. So if you are going to
participate in these, make sure you have a good network. That being said, that
leads me to the next point…


Based on my experience, (and the fact that afterwards I got a few requests to
send out voting sweepstakes afterwards), I realized there is a bit of a demand
for this. I am considering putting together a “good” vote exchange
network. I haven’t considered if I “will” yet (because I know just
how competitive it can be) — however, what I am considering is that it would
be a network where you could get “votes” for last minute contests
that you might be in the running for, to give you that extra edge.

Personally — I feel this would still be in the spirit of the sweepstakes that
“run” voting based contests — simply because you have to
“promote” the company and get people to “actively” see
what the promotion is all about, etc. Granted – they may not spend that much
time with the company especially if they are voting on a number of different
sweepstakes — but the fact is, they still see the promotion. So I believe it
would still be in the spirit of the sweepstakes/spreading the word/etc, so
would still be win-win. The only reason I am not yet 100% decided is simply
because I know it might come to where you have 2-3 people participating in the
same network trying to get the same prize, and it could be a mad rush. So I
haven’t decided yet.

That being said, should this be put together, it would most likely include
the following

– You could create your own “voting” groups of friends, whereby you
regularly exchange votes with your friends/family.
– You could “invite” certain users, or they could
“request” to join your group
– There would also be “free” agents — so you could simply pick/find
people you wanted to vote for you.
– There would be some kind of system in place, i.e., “reputation” —
such that the better the “reputation” you had (the more you voted
for others and received good feedback) — the more people you could get to
vote for you when you had a contest you really wanted to win. So this would be
really good say when it came down to “crunch” time and you needed an
extra 50 votes to win
– There would be a “tracking” system, and/or ratings system in
place. So you would know who actually “did” vote for you, and who
just “said” they voted for you. That way — you could focus on those
individuals who do give you ‘reciprocal’ votes.

Questions to you:

a) Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?
b) If so, is there anything you would add and/or change to make it better?
c) Do you think it “is” a good idea to have such a vote
exchange/network in place?

4. “

Thank-you to everyone who participated in this contest!

Two new winners have been selected. You can see the story thus far here:

I will wait a little bit until the next contest.


Just letting you know — still working hard on getting the
“ultimate” search engine put together! That should be available in
2014! (Would be a nice Christmas present to yourself! :)). Basically — should
be able to find the sweepstakes you want, when you want, & how you want!
EASILY! Stay tuned for details…!



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