Second contest like this… since the first one resulted in such an ‘interesting’ story… 😛

I don’t know if you ever did this as a kid, but I did. “Everyone” in the classroom wrote a story together — but one line at a time. The first kid wrote the first line of a story. The second kid then “added” to that story – but could add whatever twist/story/etc they wanted to it. The rest of the children followed — such that by the 30th kid — you had a *very* interesting story!

This contest will work very similar to it.

a) Submit 1-2 lines (sentences) to the story.
b) You may submit an additional “comment” with lines/sentences to the story (which count as additional entries) — as long as someone has written a line ‘before’ you. (So you have to wait for someone else to add new content, before you can add new content).
c) One winner be selected based on creativity, and humor. This should be a ‘funny’ story. The other winner will be selected randomly based on the total number of entrants.
d) This contest is open until December 9th/2013.
e) Open to USA/Canada

PRIZE: A physical copy of the “Sweepstakes MILLIONAIRE!” book shipped to the winner.


Prize will be selected randomly by number of lines submitted. You may also get additional entries by sharing this page. Bonus prize will be a 1-month license to Sweepstakes Ninja.

Good luck!