Well, I have to say this was an “interesting” run with the contest… Here is the story that 25 sweepers managed to put together… (with a little bit of editing to make it make more ‘sense’ by yours truly…)

A Christmas Tale… by 25 sweepers…

It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day. On this Sunday afternoon when we were about to go out hiking, my cats were lounging in their favorite window, licking their fur.

Then… Jake and Deb were walking down the road, all of a sudden, there it was! Over the horizon a large rabbit appeared. He was dressed in Christmas attire, complete with sparkling Christmas tree ornaments hanging from his stunningly over sized ears.x`xmasrabbit

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, that horizon made the dark spot in the sky that much more visible to Jake and his friend Deb.

Much to my surprise, with those beady little eyes, the spot was Bigfoot ripping the flesh off Rudolph, (the reindeer) with his teeth and claws. It was a disgusting bloody mess, and the stench almost made me hurl. Santa lay bleeding with a head wound a few yards from his crashed sleigh. That 40-foot cedar splintered from the impact.

But… as the dark spot moved closer, it became clear that it was really a swarm of locusts. The locusts were pulling a sleigh, the one in front a bright red nose. The children were amazed, as they had never taken the phrase “miniature sleigh” quite so literally!

author[The author lifted her gaze from the page and realized these were the worst sentences ever gathered together in an effort to tell a simple Christmas Story. She realized the Holiday Meatballs from last night’s Office Party were partly to blame…]

But then, she continued… The Locusts were so tired and hungry pulling their sleigh that they stopped in the middle of a field in Kansas to eat and saw reindeer.

And then BATMAN appeared!

Batman ripped the giant saw from the locusts because he couldn’t bear to see the reindeer being sawed in half for the locusts’ dinner.batman

Unfortunatey, Santa Claus was late on his rounds as he trying to sign for healthcare on the Obama Care website.

At least that was the excuse he used when he called Mrs. Claus around 8PM on Christmas Eve. The reality was he was getting drunk, and worse, he was with Rush Limbaugh having an existential midlife crisis …

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