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This article is going to tell you how you can get a winning edge, and significantly increase your chances of winning prizes, depending on the types of sweepstakes you are entering. (And of course, these techniques work just as well for Canadian “contests”, and UK/Australian “competitions”, which are pretty much ‘exactly’ the same thing, just different words).

The “secret” to winning, and winning consistently, really just simply depends on 3 main factors.

  • How many sweepstakes do you enter?
  • How often do you enter?
  • How many prizes & value are offered per sweepstakes?

The greater your number in any one of the above the categories, the greater your chances of winning big prizes, and lot s of prizes.

That being said — depending on what “type” of sweepstakes you enter — you can also significantly increase your chances of winning.

Online Sweepstakes:

Online Sweepstakes are those ‘ballot’ type entries, that usually require nothing more than simply filling in your name, address, phone number, and from time to time, birthday. They vary in the ‘type’ of standard ballot type entries they are, and following are strategies to maximize your chances of winning.

To win daily sweepstakes, the key is ‘consistency’. Since for many people it becomes “boring” to enter every single day, especially if they are doing hundreds per day, they tend to use tools like Roboform or Sweepstakes Ninja. Both are excellent tools to help you enter sweepstakes faster. Roboform still requires a lot of manual entry, but speeds up the form filling process. Sweepstakes Ninja automatically downloads the sweepstakes from various websites for you — you just pick & choose which ones you want to enter, then click a button.
These tend to be specifically every 24 hour period, from when you ‘first’ enter. So if you entered say at 1:00 p.m. yesterday, then the earliest you can enter is 1:00 p.m. ‘today’. Best solution to ‘maximize’ your entries is to use some form of sweepstakes organizer, to help you remember when you ‘last’ entered. (Sweepstakes Ninja does do this, but you can also ‘organize’ your information in bookmarks through firefox. The firefox is a lot more time consuming, but works as well). By ‘organizing’ your bookmarks — you make sure that you enter consistently at the same time every day, thus giving you that winning ‘edge’ percentage, simply because most people can’t be bothered to.
One-time sweepstakes mean exactly that. You can only enter once. However, some people will enter for friends and family members to get a bit of a ‘winning’ edge. They will also do them all at “once”, so then they can spend the rest of their time focusing on other sweepstakes.
Monthly are similar to one-time sweepstakes, in that you can only enter them once per period. However, some sweepers will “bookmark” these sweepstakes in firefox under a “monthly” category, in order to “remember” which ones are monthly. Then, religiously, at theĀ  beginning of every month, they will visit those sweepstakes one by one, and make sure they enter them. Again, a form filling tool like Sweepstakes Ninja will greatly speed up this process, and make it a lot easier
Captcha sweepstakes are those ‘hard’ to read characters that you have to type before you can enter. Once of the most “annoying” types is from SolveMedia. Many people have a very difficult time reading these. Another is the Google reCaptcha. If you find captchas — you should take the time to enter — because most people will simply ‘skip’ them because its too much work. This means your odds of winning are greater.
Unlimited in reality — usually are not “unlimited”. Simply because most companies ‘know’ that a human cannot enter say 10,000 times in the course of one hour. Would be physically impossible without the help of a script. If they saw that, your entries would automatically be disqualified. That being said, they usually do allow 25-30 entries ‘per day’. So how do you get those 25 entries? Well, you can re-type them over and over. Some sweepstakes will allow you to press the ‘back’ button on your browser, and you don’t lose any information (so no re-typing). Otherwise, you need to use a tool like Roboform or Sweepstakes Ninja to speed up the process.

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