Welcome to the third ‘official’ PrizeWinnersCircle.com ‘mini’ contest!

All you need  to do is:

a) Do 10 pushups. Make ’em good ones.
b) Do it by December 6th. You can do the pushups all at once, do one an hour, or spread ’em over the course of two days. But make sure you do 10 pushups.
c) You may enter once for every 10 pushups you do (i.e., post about it). Now if I see someone with 100 entries, meaning they did 1,000 pushups, I expect them to be a body builder. 🙂 And I would like to see a picture as ‘proof’. Otherwise, you should be good.
d) Once finished your 10 pushups, post about it. How do I know you did them? I don’t. I’ll take your word for it. So this is an ‘honor’ based contest.
e) If you really can’t do 10 pushups, then post that you “thought” about doing 10 pushups in your mind. If picked as winner, I’ll “think” about sending you a book in my mind 🙂
f) Open to USA/Canada

PRIZE: A physical copy of the “Sweepstakes MILLIONAIRE!”  book shipped to the winner.


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Good luck!