Winning Prizes

Okay. So why should you enter sweepstakes? (AKA “contests” in Canada, and “competitions” in the UK).

Good question. Enter because:

Win prizes that you can’t afford. Luxury vacations in the Caribbean, brand new red sports cars, million dollar luxury mansions on the coast. Super big ticket items that most people can’t normally afford to buy.

– Be a TRUE winner and feel great about yourself. Many people have never  won anything  thing in their lifetime. The first time you win, you feel great — it means you were picked, many times, out of hundreds or thousands of entries. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small win, or a big win – the fact that you won is what matters, and it is what makes you feel great. It’s exciting.

– Get experiences that money just can’t buy. Meet band members from big time rock bands, backstage. Get VIP access, meet & greets with celebrities. Be featured on the cover of magazines. These are some of the kinds of experiences you can win from sweepstakes.

– Make new friends. There are sweeping clubs across the USA (as well as in other countries), that have regular meetings to discuss prize winnings, share prizes, plus much more.

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you win something, to someone who has never  won before. But it feels great. It feels exciting. You feel special. You feel important. It brightens an otherwise dull day. You have interesting things to share and to talk to friends about. Your friends admire your ‘luckiness’. These are just some of the feelings you get when you win a sweepstakes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As an aside — this information is also applicable to Canadians, Australians, and people from England. Just the terminology is slightly different. In Canada, a “contest” is equivalent to a “sweepstakes” in Canada, and in the U.K., they are called “competitions”, or “comps” for short. No matter what you call it — it is a promotion with a free method of entry, whereby you can win prizes. I was very  surprised to learn that they were called so many different things in different countries. For the purpose of this website — I am going to refer to everything as “Sweepstakes” – and the definition is a ballot-type of drawing, that you can enter for free, with no purchase necessary. It is a promotion that is held by a company to help raise their profile.

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